Chapter 6. Server Manager

Table of Contents

System Info
General Settings
Serial Numbers
User Keys
Web Projects
Excluded File Types

The SourceOffSite Server Manager is a Windows application for configuring the SourceOffSite Server. The Server Manager is included in the SourceOffSite Server installation and should be run before starting the Server for the first time. To start the Server Manager (ServerMgr.exe), launch it from the Windows Start Menu. On Windows Vista, the server manager must run with elevated rights, and will automatically request administrative privileges. The Server Manager has ten tabs to allow configuration of various aspects of the SourceOffSite Server. A description of each tab follows.

Changes are applied when the Server Manager is exited via the OK button or the APPLY button. Closing the Server Manager via the "x" button at the far right of the title bar will cancel any changes made.

Please note: The SourceOffSite Server must be restarted after making any configuration changes in the Server Manager. The SourceOffSite Server does not need to be restarted when using the Server Manager to create User Keys.