The Optional tab contains three options that many users may never need, but are included to alleviate problems that can occur in certain environments.

Please note: Anytime a file type is added, edited, or deleted, the SourceOffSite Server must be restarted to register the change.


Allows you to specify the server name and IP address of the server machine when there are multiple network cards. In all other cases, the SourceOffSite Server will automatically bind itself to the network.


If your SourceOffSite Server service cannot start because the database path cannot be validated quickly enough during a system restart, you can cause the SourceOffSite Server to pause for a specified amount of time to correct the problem.

Temp Path

Allows you to specify the location on your disk where you want the SourceOffSite Server to write temporary files and folders. If you do not specify a location, the Server will use a subfolder of your installation directory by default.