General Settings

The General Settings tab contains three sections – Ports, Logging and Idle Connections.

Please note: If changes are made to the General Settings tab, the SourceOffSite Server must be restarted to register the changes.


The Ports area is used to configure the ports through which the SourceOffSite Server will communicate with the SourceOffSite Client. SourceOffSite operates using a TCP/IP-based networking protocol. This protocol can be operated on any port the user specifies. If a network firewall or proxy server is used, the firewall or proxy server may need to be configured to allow communication on the specified ports.

The SourceOffSite Server may be configured to listen on a secure and/or an unsecure port. The secure port listens for connections with encryption enabled; the unsecure port listens for connections in the clear.

For SourceOffSite with no cryptography, the Use Unsecure Port check box should be checked. SourceOffSite with no cryptography always ignores the secure port.


Server logging may be set to:

By default, SourceOffSite uses reverse DNS to identify names of client computers that are connecting to the SourceOffSite server. This option can be disabled to improve performance in environments where reverse DNS lookup would slow program operation. For more options regarding logging options, see the Configure Sever Logging section in the Installation chapter.

Idle Connections

By default, the Idle Connections option is disabled.

Enable this option if the network connection between the SourceOffSite Server and Client times out on a regular basis. When this option is enabled, connections made by SourceOffSite Clients will be dropped after the configured amount of time.