Client Upgrade

Upgrading to SourceOffSite Client 5.0 from 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2 is as easy as running the SourceOffSite Client 5.0 installer and following the directions given by the installation wizard. Be sure to exit any instances of the Client running on your system before launching the installer.

The SourceOffSite Client 5.0 installation is not as a true upgrade of previous versions of SourceOffSite. You can manually uninstall previous versions of SourceOffSite prior to installing SourceOffSite Client 5.0, but you will want to retain all crypto keys found in your SourceOffSite Client installation directory. SourceOffSite 5.0 and SourceOffSite 4.2 can coexist in a side by side installation for those users who may need to access both new and older SourceOffSite servers.  

SourceOffSite 5 has been enhanced to user a faster and more robust cache structure.  For this reason, when installing SourceOffSite 5, all working folders will need to be reconfigured.  Therefore, files will initially have a status of known. SourceGear recommends turning on "Use Checksums to Determine File Status", and performing a Get Latest Version of any relevant files in order to reset local version numbers.  

Note that while SourceOffSite 4.2 clients can communicate with SourceOffSite 5.0 servers, the reverse is not true. SourceOffSite 5.0 clients cannot communicate with SourceOffSite 4.2 servers.  Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the SourceOffSite server first in order to prevent any interruption for those users have not yet upgraded their client.  

You can download the SourceOffSite Client from our product download page.