SourceSafe Import Tool Wizard

The SourceSafe Import tool is used to import information from your SourceSafe database into your Vault repository. Installation of this tool appears as a Wizard.

SourceSafe Database

Choose the SourceSafe Database to import. You may choose from the list of known databases, type in your own, drag and drop a srcsafe.ini file from Explorer, or browse to a database.

The database must be on a mounted file system and SourceSafe must be installed and available. It is recommended that the database be on the same computer as the Import Tool.

Vault Server

Choose the Vault server to import the SourceSafe data into. The server must already be installed. If you have not yet created a Vault server installation, please see the Server Installation in the Admin Guide. You will be prompted for the server hostname and administrator password.

Repository Information

If your SourceSafe database contains multiple “projects” which are unrelated, we recommend that you place each one in its own Vault repository. If you have a group of projects that are logically related to each other, it is better to place them in a repository together, enabling them to share and branch as a group. Note that you cannot share files across Vault repositories.

Select Project

Select the project to import into the repository. By default, the entire database is selected and the utility will import everything (excluding deleted items).

Select the folder to be imported.


Begin pre-scanning the SourceSafe database.

This page will tell you if the SourceSafe database is locked and will display all users that are currently logged in, including the user logged in through the import tool.

If the SourceSafe database is not locked, it is recommended that you do so now with the Visual SourceSafe Admin tool. Ensure that all users are logged out so that the contents of the database are not changing during the import.

This step may take several minutes but your data is not yet being imported.

Pre-scan in Progress

The tool is now scanning the SourceSafe database for files, revisions, users, labels, etc. It will scan all the selected folders in the SourceSafe database, count the files, count the revisions, build a list of all the users, and record project security permissions (if enabled).

Pre-scan Complete

The results of the pre-scan are displayed. This includes

·      The number of files and projects to be imported

·      The estimate of the number of hours for completion


A list of all SourceSafe users is displayed. Another list of all Vault users is also displayed. Match the SourceSafe user to the Vault user. Create another Vault user if needed.

Select Create new accounts for each SourceSafe user as needed if necessary. A new account for each SourceSafe user that was not mapped to a Vault user will be created in a disabled state. No one will be able to login to such an account, and as such, the Vault server will not require a valid license for that user.

The Import Tool will not try to map SourceSafe users to Vault users with the same username unless it created the user. There is no way to guarantee that they are the same.


Any files in the SourceSafe database that are currently checked-out will not be checked-out after they have been imported to the Vault repository.

A list of the checked-out files were encountered during the pre-scan will be displayed. You may wish to notify these users of the impending transition to Vault now, to give them the opportunity to Check In any pending changes in their working folders.

Vault Repository

Choose or create a Vault repository. A single Vault server can maintain any number of virtual repositories, all of which exist within the same SQL Server installation.

Select to create a new repository on the specified Vault server or to import data into an existing repository on that server.

If you select to create a new repository, you will be prompted for a name and an optional folder into which all the new folders will be placed. If no folder is specified the root will be used.

If you select to import the data into an existing repository, select the repository and then folder into which all the new folders will be placed.

Project Security

If project security is enabled in your SourceSafe database you will be asked if you want to enable it for your Vault repository.

Ready to Import

The SourceSafe Import Tool is ready to begin importing data. Throughout the import process, the progress and estimated time to completion will be displayed.

No further questions will be asked, so you need not monitor the import as it proceeds.

Import in Progress

As the tool is importing SourceSafe database into your Vault repository, a progress meter will be displayed estimating the time to completion. The file/folder is currently being imported will also be displayed.

Import Complete

The import is complete and the final report is available. If there were any errors, they will be listed in the report. You can copy this report to the clipboard for further review. You may also review the full log file that is generated in the applications folder. Log files are named using the date and time the import began.



The SourceSafe Import Tool has completed.