Command Line Client

In addition to the primary GUI Client for SourceOffSite, we also provide a Command Line Client more suitable for use in automated scripts. The Command Line Client can be downloaded separately from SourceGear. Those customers who are using version 4.2 fo the SourceOffSite command client should continue to use that version until a newer version becomes available. Any SourceOffSite 4.2 client, including the command line client, can connect to a SourceOffSite 5 server.

The Command Line Client supports a subset of operations that are available in the SourceOffSite GUI Client including:

  1. Get Latest Version

  2. Show File History

  3. Add Files and Projects

  4. Delete Files and Projects

  5. Rename Files and Projects

  6. Check In and Check Out Files and Projects

  7. Undo Check Out

  8. Branch Files and Projects

  9. Share Files and Projects

  10. Label Version

  11. 128-bit Encryption

  12. Compression