SourceOffSite supports data encryption to protect passwords and data files from being compromised as they are transferred across the Internet. SourceOffSite uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm as a symmetric block cipher.

SourceOffSite 5.0 contains 128-bit cryptography and has been approved for limited export by the US Commerce Department in accordance with the Export Administration Act.

Export to following countries is prohibited by United States law: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

SourceOffSite is also available with no cryptography for users located within a restricted country.

The SourceOffSite Server manages encryption by referencing a key file containing all user keys. User keys are configured within the Server Manager. Once configured, the user key file should be securely transmitted to the client.  Once the key file is on the client machine, launch SourceOffSite and select the Import Encryption Key button from the Tools Panel of the Ribbon.  Open the key file via the browse dialog.