Folder Changes Archive

Folder Changes Archive allows you to retrieve files and folders which have changed between two dates or between two labels.

When you create an archive, the Vault Standard Server does a diff between two versions of a folder, two labels on the same folder or a folder version and label applied to that folder. Next, the server creates a compressed .zip file containing added and modified files of the diffed results. All files found in the compressed .zip file are placed in path folders relative to the "root" of where Folder Changes Archive was invoked. Once the .zip file has been prepared by the Vault Standard Server, the Vault Standard Client will download the file to a specified location on disk. You must have at least Read access to create an archive. The archive will contain any adds, deletes, renames, and modifications.

To create a Folder Changes Archive, click on a folder in the repository tree, then go to the Tools menu and select Create Folder Changes Archive. In the Folder Changes Archive dialog, select Archive options:

Repository Path

This is the path you selected in the Repository tree. Click the Recursive checkbox to get file changes from that folder and its subfolders.

Save As

Provide the path and name for the archive file. By default, this path points to your Downloads directory. The default name of the file is Or, click the Browse button to browse to a different path on disk.


Select a Begin Date or Label for the changes you wish to get. You can use the calendar to select the date. The time control can be used to set a specific time.


Select an End Date and time or Label for the changes you wish to get.

Include summary report of changes

Check the checkbox for a text-based summary report of the changes retrieved.

Include only these files

Filter the archive results by including only certain file names or extensions.

Exclude files

Check the Exclude Files checkbox to filter the archive results by excluding certain file names or extensions.

You can specify a beginning date, ending date, or both. If a beginning is specified, but not an ending, the Folder Changes will start at that date/label. If an ending is specified, but not a beginning the Folder Changes will end at that date/label. If both are specified, Folder Changes will start at the specified date/label, and end at the specified date/label.

Click OK to create the Folder Changes Archive, or click Cancel to cancel the operation.